jade-reading2Stories have comforted me, distracted me, inspired me and kept me company since I can remember.  Never was there a happier child than I, when I could read One Fish, Two Fish to my little bro or imaginary friend, Minnie.  I poured over the pages of A Lion in the Meadow wishing the mother would understand the threat in their backyard.  I willed Frances to try something other than bread and jam.  The Babysitters Club got me through my parent’s divorce, Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High got me through puberty.  Marsden & Morrison cured me of my first heartbreak, and Harry Potter 4-7 got me through subsequent ones.

I now read every day for pleasure.  First a storybook to my daughter before bed; thankfully she has inherited my love of the turning page (particularly if it has lift the flap or touch and feel!) and then it’s normally fiction before setting the alarm.  This allows me to switch off from my day, and escape into the life of someone else for just a little while.

My friends know me as a book nerd, and every year before they go on holidays or start their Christmas shopping, they ask me what reads I recommend.  I probably bore them senseless with my answers, but ultimately if I loved it – I’ll loan it.  And that’s where this idea stemmed from.

I don’t get the point of a bad book review.  If I’m not enjoying something, then I’ll give it the flick. I won’t persevere just so I can say it’s finished, but I hated it and you really shouldn’t bother with such a terrible read.  There are too many books in this world to enjoy, and only a short time to digest them, so why waste time on something you can’t get into?

The plan for this site is to let you know what books I think are terrific, and hopefully help you, dear reader, pick your next gift, holiday read, or bedtime escape.



Note:  Did I mention I also work with books?  All opinions expressed on this site are my own.

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