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SPEED REVIEW: Vanguard Prime by Steven Lochran

vanguard-prime-book-1Reviewed by guest blogger S.Roberts

Do you have a fan of CHERUB, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl or superheroes in your home? Maybe all of the above? Then make sure to check out this children’s series by a talented (and fairly new) Aussie author.  Authentic and relatable in their language, the books have been described as “Alex Rider joins the X-Men.” They are full of humour, intrigue and excitement. Readers will get a chance to see what being a superhero would really feel like as we follow Sam, an ordinary kid, whose sudden development of mysterious powers finds him drafted into the world’s most famous superhero team.

In short:  FOR RELUCTANT READERS 10+ (and comic loving Dads who help with bedtime reading)