Readers Block

Bless me reader for I have sinned. It’s been one month since my last post. Yes, I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging – a lapse in new content. It’s not my fault though… really. I’m just super busy right now and haven’t had the chance to finish reading a new book.

MinnieBut aren’t you a book addict, I hear you ask. What could you be so busy with to keep you from reading?

In the last month I’ve wrangled a two year old who’s determination and wit are far superior to my own. I’ve weaned her off using a dummy, while she has weaned herself off eating vegetables and cooperating at bath time. So much so, that I have been showering wearing a Minnie Mouse mask just to get her into the water.

I’ve negotiated deals with multi-national technology companies, and hobnobbed with American VIPs in town. I’ve house hunted, anniversary shopped, and given up sugar in my coffee. I’ve been to the theatre and the movies. I’ve said goodbye to carbs and put myself on a strict health regime because I’ve also agreed to be an MC at a wedding and I don’t want to be confused with Kirstie Alley on the mike.

I’ve done my tax, hired a newbie at work, got access to cable TV (read Law & Order and Seinfeld marathons) and made my lunch every day.

Yep, pretty bloody busy.

Truth be told though, I’m no busier now than usual, but it seems like a valid excuse right?

This leads me to a revelation… a confession to make – I have readers block. Which is not exactly conducive with an up-to-date book review blog.

You might know the condition. It’s the one where you lay in bed ready to delve into a novel, and yet two pages in you chuck it on the floor and play with your iPhone instead. Where you read a paragraph twice and still have no recollection of what happened. When your eyes get heavy as soon as you unfold the corner of your book.

And I don’t think it’s what I’m reading. I’ve tried a few, seemingly awesome, books of late and am still having the same internal reaction; “I can’t be bothered.” *shudder*

Even JK couldn’t hold me with her ‘breaking literary news; it’s a pseudonym’ blockbuster The Cuckoo’s Calling. And, Harry Potter to me, is like Fifty Shades of Grey to a middle aged, desperate Divorcee on eHarmony.

Admittedly I have had a cracker of a year with the books I’ve read. The last few have been so amazing, and exhausting and emotional that I suspect I’m just having trouble finding something to live up to those heady expectations. (Reviews of Craig Silvery & Peter Temple to follow soon!)

As a result of this condition, I now have a pile of new books to sustain me up until and during Book pilethe Christmas holidays – with many more on the wish list.

The good news is, I’m getting my reading mojo back. I’m now 150 pages into an awesome thriller which is twisting my brain each night.

It’s been unfamiliar territory this non-reading thing. Hoping that my addled brain has now returned to its former state of book fondness.

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