SPEED REVIEW: Recipes & Refuge by Chris Nguyen

recipes and refugeIt’s amazing how a smell, taste or texture can evoke a memory.  A moment in time can be recaptured with a familiar spice or melting mouthful.  And what’s become obvious to me (after reading this book) is that food’s place in our identity is a universal thing, shared by all cultures regardless of the cuisine.

This book is different from your normal ‘fusion’ cook-book.  Between the complex and sometimes adventurous dishes, are stories of immigrants and refugees told through food.  It’s unpretentious or political – it’s just families recording their precious recipes.  In sharing their memories and meals, the contributors inspire laughs and awe and some bloody yummy dishes.

(available www.ragandboneman.org)

In Short: For food lovers and world citizens.  Try the Beriani and Koulouraki!

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