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Easter Reading

To me, Easter holidays always meant reading. By this time of year, visits to the beach were futile in the Melbourne climate, relatives began to hibernate after the Christmas and new-year gatherings, and the end of daylight savings had taken the twinkle out the pre-dinner playtime, and summer festival frequencies.

As a girl, I always looked forward to Easter school holidays. There were elements that were a given – a little more interest in RE classes before school finished for the term, the pumping fish ‘n chip shop trade on Good Friday, the customary egg hunt through backyards across the nation, the smell of burnt sultanas under the grill and buttery hot cross buns, and the all-day telecast of the Good Friday Appeal humming away as the soundtrack to the start of your holiday. Each year I pledged some pocket money in the hope that my name would appear in the ticker across the bottom of the screen, or better yet, be read out live by a Home and Away star!

But over and above these, was the opportunity to spend time snuggled up on the couch, or in bed reading. Getting through chapter books; Roald Dahl, the Baby Sitters Club, Paul Jennings, and Sweet Valley High. I spent most of my Easter break reading books. And in fact I still do.

Those four precious days off work, and an inability to visit the shops on Good Friday, offer me savoured reading time, and I look forward to it every year.

So I thought, this year, why not get in touch with the Easter Bunny, and encourage him to give kiddies a book as well as sweet sweet Cadbury Crème Eggs! Fortunately I managed to get hold of his gmail address (he hardly ever checks twitter) and so thought I would share and invite you to send him a letter or picture, letting him know what else you want for Easter.

See the picture above for details on how to receive a letter in the post from the Easter Bunny, and go in the draw to win a kids reading pack by writing the best message. (prizes drawn and announced on my facebook page so please LIKE!)

In Short: Ask the bun-man for a book as well as some chocci!